Wondering if financial fulfillment and an offbeat creative lifestyle can work together?  This site explores creative psychology and offers a personal case study.

Savvy History is About Music

Michelle and Adam write folk-rock songs based on true characters from history.  After recording numerous albums together and separately, they started this blog to document where they went right in the past, where they went wrong, and the day to day process of making their new niche music. They also discuss the financial aspects of making an album while creating a life of flexibility.

Savvy History is About Personal Finance

Do you feel like you have to choose between a creative lifestyle or financial fulfillment?  Money and creativity can work together.  DIY creatives benefit from taking their finances as seriously as their ideas.  Financial stability is about establishing options for you and what you can offer the world.  This site was created in order to document one couple’s journey of becoming better with money and creativity at the same time (including how they cut their expenses to do exactly what they wanted for three years and what they learned from that experience). 

Since then, they’ve remodeled houses in order to increase their net worth, rejoined the workforce in jobs they enjoy (teaching and sound tech work), and paid off their mortgage while investing in IRAs. 

Savvy History is About Creativity

After years of being a full-time musician, Michelle gravitated back towards teaching in her mid-twenties and obtained a master’s degree with a focus in gifted psychology.  She has formally and informally studied the creative process, the theory of positive disintegration,  twice-exceptional students, the autistic brain’s love of systems, the under-explored connection between Asperger’s manifesting as anorexia, mental health struggles among individuals with high potential, giftedness vs. narcissism, and bibliotherapy. 

Adam explores creativity daily with a more hands-on approach as he tackles home design, remodeling, DIY decor, parenting hacks, and cost-effective meal prep.  As a sound tech in the music department at a local college – and with years of live performance experience himself – he knows firsthand what it is like to work in a creative environment with a focus on the arts.

Next Steps…

Adam and Michelle have big questions to sort through in the next few years (along with ambitious musical pursuits).  Will they buy a rental and remodel it?  Will they stay in their current home?  Will they have a second child?  Will they intentionally develop one of their side-hustles into a full-fledged business?  Will they continue to play live shows or try to sell music online?  Either way, they will navigate their creative life in the personal finance community in order to hold themselves accountable while learning from others.

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