Creativity at Work Interviews

Creativity is at work in almost every career and in every pursuer of FI if you look closely enough.  In addition, a good relationship with money can assist almost any creative pursuit.

Still, some brilliant analytical people love the world of finance but claim they are not creative.  On the other hand, some wildly creative artists love big ideas but claim they are not good with money.

In this interview series, I hope to find exemplary people merging the world of money and the world of creativity while breaking down limiting beliefs.  Most of all, this series is a chance to climb inside the lives of people from diverse backgrounds who are brought together by their interest in pursuing a meaningful life while using systematic and novel approaches.

Please email us from the contact page if you are interested in being featured and let us know what makes creativity work for you.


Below is a list of people who have been featured so far, along with a link to their interview.

Principal FI

Tim From Life For the Better

Ms. Fiology