General Disclaimer:

*Everything I learn about history comes from another blog with a disclaimer or from tour guides on my fantastic vacations.

*Even though I pretend to be random characters in history, I fully acknowledge I am not them, did not know them, and can never be them. 

*This blog contains content about psychology, history, music, and personal finance.  Sometimes the content is written by me and/or my husband.  Sometimes it is written by our pets.  It's hard to tell.

*The content on this blog changes frequently and contains the comments of others.  The opinions on posts are my own.  They do not belong to any organizations.  I make statements on behalf of no one except me, myself, and I. 

*The information I provide on all topics is true to the best of my knowledge. I cite sources occasionally to help you dig deeper if you are a stickler. I am a human fighting confirmation bias like everyone else.  I make mistakes and may omit information while making my point.

*I’m not your teacher even though I’m a teacher. I’m not a professional psychologist even though I have studied gifted psychology (in a few classes).

*I only claim to provide entertainment and information as an unverified insanely frugal person who plays music. I never claim to be a professional therapist, historian, financial advisor, or your president. If you follow any advice on this blog, it is at your own risk.

*In addition, I reserve all rights to this blog.  If I suddenly decide to change all the content to a narrow interest in dog food, that is my right.

*If you remodel your house or build something and it doesn't like ours, that might be a good thing.  Or it might be a problem between you and your spouse.  Leave us out of it.

*All illustrated images on this blog are old enough to be in the public domain.  They are provided courtesy of the British Library.

P.S. Please take care of yourself and consult a professional in the areas of finance or psychology if you need to.

Guest Post Disclaimer:

I will read through your answers and edit if necessary.  I will not change the context of the information or what it implies.  I will be looking only for grammatical errors, not lifestyle errors.

Please submit original answers with the understanding I will be publishing this information anonymously or with your name, but it is your choice. If you include one or two links to an article of yours, that is your decision.

If there are any questions on the guest post document you do not wish to answer, I understand.  Let me know if you have any hesitation before proceeding with confusion.

Research Disclaimer:

I’m not in a Ph.D. program.  If you take part in my dreamed-up study about systemizing and the pursuit of FI, you submit information and take surveys on your own behalf.  This is for a future project I’m not sure I’ll follow through on and no one can make me.  

No one is making you participate, your information will be kept anonymous, and it’s not my fault if you don’t like your results.

Thank you! 

Michelle (from the band and blog Savvy History)