Michelle has written in two distinct phases throughout her dedicated career as a singer-songwriter.  

Phase 1

In the first phase, she focused on the mind, mental health, and the big questions of youth.  After sorting through a lot of emotional content (and writing over 100 songs in a stream-of-consciousness style) she took a three-year break.

Then she came across a way to change things up.  At age 28, she decided she wasn't done being a singer-songwriter.


Phase 2

She was lead to her second phase of stylistic songwriting - writing as characters from history - while studying bibliotherapy for her master's thesis.  This style of writing has meshed well with her research as an educator and her belief in cathartic writing aided by the analyzation of self and others.  Writing this way has helped Michelle clarify her subject matter, connect with audiences, and enjoy her writing (whether the topic is heavy or humorous).

Many new song lyrics are featured on this site.  However, the songs are not recorded yet.  Her social media presence is designed to take you through the recording and marketing process if you are interested.  In addition, a brief sample of her new music can be found here.

The titles to her new songs are long because they represent fictitious news headlines from the past based mostly on the lives of inventors.  For the most part, the subject matter came from 19th century America (some early 20th century subjects appeared, one French conundrum, and a couple of Irish fiascos as well).

Each history song essentially looked for a core psychological event (giving up, protecting oneself, love, making friends, a role model's significance, trying, etc.) and then revolved around a true story in history that embodied it.  Each song was based on a real event and real people from the past that Michelle enjoyed investigating and acting out through music.