Savvy History Lyrics

Michelle began writing songs as true characters from history while studying the process of bibliotherapy. 

Below showcases 30 songs in this style.  These songs have long titles in order to hint at a story.  They have yet to be recorded and are part of a collection called "Praise for the Inventors."  A live sample of five songs can be heard here.

Music from the previous five albums can be found here.

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I Didn't Draw the Joneses (Pop Momand had a Message for His Old Neighbors in His 1913 - 1938 Comic Script Series "Keeping Up With The Joneses")  *This was in addition to his advice to use the comics as wallpaper.

Made due

Split the scene

Better better everything

Mix and mingle me

Into a low wage job at a magazine


Maybe some of them will like it

Maybe some of them won't

Maybe some of them read it

Maybe some of them don't

First skit

Clarice wins

Then we'll have her strike again

Bad fit

On the mend

New York World syndication


What's going on with the script?

Where are the Joneses?

So close but not quite

Looks like Belladonna's right

Spot Julie's social climb

Primped and primed with bad advice


At last

On the move

God help pa - he told the truth

Long stretch

Near the news

Bid farewell to the cartoons

In a Bind (Exploring Denial with the Inventor of All Things Terrible - Thomas Midgley) *He died wrapped up in one of his devices.

Despot - what's got your engine knocking?

I spot a problem and try to top it

I got myself in a bind

Making tracks on the back streets of Dayton

What's the deal?  What's the occasion?

I got myself in a bind


Company - come lie to me!

I'm too flattered to figure it out

Wake up man they're on to you

Like Studebakers on the town

New Jersey's been losing labor

Five men down and two calls later

I got myself in a bind

Lead instead was kept a secret

Too bad there's no place to keep it

I got myself in a bind


Wake up man it's on the table

With the candle you blew out

Federal teams investigate it

I just notice what's convenient

I got myself in a bind

Washed my hands with it to impress them

60 seconds and I feel awesome

I got myself in a bind


Wake up man they cover you

Like all those medals you should doubt

And now you know it

The Hatch (Submarine Pioneer Wilhelm Bauer Has a Brawl with the Crew - Until They Do the Unlikely and Escape Death)

A calm descent into the harbor

In a belly of a whale made of armor

Calm crewmen at the departure

Crushing depths taking us downward

The steel rivets were sounding off when

The seams all split and the water rushed in

Forty pounds of ocean per square inch

Out the hatch was not an option


Time is locking us inside until the air’s gone

To survive I think I’ll have to fight you on this one


It’ll seem worse before it gets better

We have to submerge the vessel in water

Don't hold me down misguided aggressor

Figure out how to balance the pressure


Shot us out the hatch like a spring

In that moment everything blinked

Escaping and ascending


How are you doing today

A lot of life’s inside of me

It beats the bottom of the sea

Trust me

I Like You William Sidis (Ex-Boy Wonder William Sidis Anonymously Writes Theories While Carrying a Picture of Martha Foley His Entire Life)

I can't wait here anymore

My new love waits on a foreign shore

Don't feel slighted

I like you William Sidis

I'll think of you at the May Day Parade

As a young man leading the crowd

Please take this picture today

And carry it around


No one can see your game

No one really knows but me

So what if they think you're strange

You don't hurt anything

What was your father trying to do?

Look - it's you on the front page news

You're the brightest

I like you William Sidis

When you started writing in disguise

Your alma mater could not tell

Now the papers are calling you a wasted mind

Because you hide yourself so well


You don't owe them anything

Behold - you may not have a lot to show for it

But I know you're onto something neat

You never put down anyone

You're a fine soul minding your own business

And the kindest

I like you William Sidis

I'll think of you in Central Park

With ideas as your companion

On a settee bench near the boulevard

I hope I helped you live


Harvard rowdies cornered you

And all the Radcliffe girls were cruel

Why are you quiet?

I like you William Sidis

The Isolator (Hugo Gernsback Created Something Ugly and Offensive to Deal With His Hypersensitivity)

It almost knocked me out when you walked in here

I want a little space to stare

Life used to trip me up but now I'm prepared

I solved a little mystery - yeah


When the world outside is not fair

All is well and happy in here

Call on the Isolator

Opening life up

Meeting someone at the Astor Hotel

Or doing business on the other side of town

If it's too bright, too packed, and too loud

Calm down, calm down

I want to help you out when misunderstood

If you want to block them out for good

Pull out all the stops for some solitude

Keep on doing what you do


Only known by the signal you emit

With ham radios and conductor gadgets

Well aware of it all and yet oblivious

It's a showdown, a showdown

I'm in love with life but not built for it

Built kind of supersensitive

When you don't like it - try and understand

I live a little in my head

Thieves (Infamous “Thief From the Cradle” Sophie Lyons is Miraculously Reformed. While Reforming Others at Her Juvenile Delinquent Facility - You Guessed it - She’s Robbed)

You work alone

You walk unfettered in this dusty town

When the lights go out

Not long for life

In love with trouble

Even all decked out

What’s your chances now?


I’m here to tell you

You’re part of my heart child

Reach down inside

Tear it apart

Like thieves in the night

Taking the charm out

And leaving the mount

You once survived

Nobody telling you what to do

"Kid, where are you?”

The crowds, the streets

The world of peace had forgotten you

And the shamus too


I couldn’t leave you there

How could they leave you there

I couldn’t leave you there

Outside in the dark

At Grand Circus Park

Show your face

State your name

Try and to be saved

From those early days

The cards all stacked

Entering last on a crooked path

Buy your lost time back

Save My Lover (Clara Barton Discovers the Wounded Mary Galloway Dressed as a Soldier at Antietam) *Clara helped Mary find her husband in a Washington hospital. They named their child after her.

Closer to Sharpsburg

In the west woods and the east

Shots heard like thunder

Coming out of the trees

A warning in the morning

Of all yet to transpire

From the heights to the turnpike

A steady wall of fire


Save my lover or let me go and find him

Aid my father coming from the north

Save my brothers from a life of bondage

And any others looking for support

Belabored by danger

I bound myself and cut my hair

If he goes then I go

And everything is fair

A low ridge by the stone bridge

Held a steady stream of fighting

Now embedded close to my chest

Is a wound and I can't hide it


When they poured deadly

Volleys into the ranks

Some dodged stray shots

But got hit by the flank

Blue coats near the oak grove

Were suddenly cut down

For days there I lay

Waiting to be found

The lines weren't broken in the field assault

The lines weren't broken when the bridge was crossed

The Big Top (What Does the Ringling Brothers' Agent Who Discovered Lillian Leitzel Have to Say About Her Untimely Demise?)

I want it back on an even level

I want her back for another try

I want that young daredevil

On a rope up in the sky

Opening with a spotlight on the doorman

Carrying her in


Bring her back to life because everybody wants to see

Open the big top for the night

Behold her range of motion

Behold the Roman rings

Behold the midair tailspin

And her smile as she swings

Kicking off her gold shoes to the band

And doing a drumroll for the land


No...don't let your feet fail you now

There's more to see never learned how to fall

Into their reach

I was sad to hear of her loss

I was sad but not surprised

I was sad they carried her off

When she dropped from their eyes

Counting with the cymbals as they crashed

Yeah, the crowd was spinning fast

Oh So Patient (Prodigious Sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko Falls From a Tree and Plays Dead)

In tall pines and peering down the scope

Hidden silent then off you go

The eastern front strategic ghost

With black crows in the shadows


All my prey is coming after me now

I can feel it somewhere in the night

The other’s waiting oh so patient

On the other side

All remember when Odessa fell

I can recall every act of will

Only aiming to defend the hill

And stay still

Stay still


I preferred university

Chasing thoughts in the library

Pursuing the historian dream in quiet peace

Quiet peace


I don’t know

The eyes of one who saw me hit the ground

I let go

I’ve played dead for awhile now

Moving slow….

Come Out and See (Lord Rosse Assembles the Largest Telescope of the 19th Century and Sketches a Spiral Galaxy)

We only wanted to see farther

Past the face of the sun

Using the darkness of night on earth

Are we the only ones?


Come out and see now

Come out and see Leviathan

Come out and see now

Put your eye up to it

Come out and see now

Come out and see a little bit

Come out and see now

In the distance

Through many trials problems were solved

Lifting a conundrum

Finally we mounted the telescope on

To view the horizon


Will revelations from farther out

Put us in our place

We know the world is still spinning around

Now, what else in space?



Secrets to the Machine (What's Responsible for the American Industrial Revolution?  Immigrant "Slater the Traitor's" Memory Of Course!)

Sunsets on this ship are to be imagined

America is offering rewards

I left, even faked my name knowing England

Was searching for a skilled worker to board


The whole country's about to know

Can you meet me by the coast

A new life is waiting

We've got secrets to the machine

That's been pounding beneath our feet

Oh no

I'm well-trained

But couldn't bring the mill layout with me

It's all in my mind

Wealthy merchant - we should dine

Lately you've been earning yourself a patent

Keep industry high

New production's on the line


Spinning is only the beginning

New factory bells are ringing

Dust filled air and deafening sounds

A bed shared at the boarding house

As the waterwheel is winding

Drills and shafts and gears are grinding

A beat built for a barefoot crowd

And no one can stop it now

Getting Out! (Over 100 Union Prisoners of War - Lead by Colonel Thomas E. Rose - Enjoy an Escape in Richmond, VA in the February of 1864)

We're getting out of this

We're getting free now

We've got a little bit left to do

Nobody hesitate tunneling under

If somebody's at the gate

Walk right through

Some said we lacked the proper tools

And we couldn't do it

Now there's more than enough room for two

And you better move it



How many can be gone by dawn?

Long before the roll call

How many plan to come along?

Who'll put the bricks in the wall?



Deep in the city I crossed the path

Of a sentinel with a bayonet on his back

Deep in thought, he simply tipped his hat

As I walked right on by

Stand In Awe (It's Hard to Top the Era of Good Feelings, but Let's Try by Building the Penn Station) *Sadly, A.J. Cassatt passed away shortly before the station opened in 1910.  Consequently, this song was written from the perspective of his statue.

Old man winter has a hold on the scene

There's ice on the windows

Where the light used to be

When spring comes to melt this town

You'll see the finest dressed people around

All bound by seventh and eighth avenue

If you miss your train there's a whole lot to do

And only looking for fun

Won't cause trouble for anyone


This is just a call for innovation

Grab your coat and meet me at Penn Station

To stand in awe of growing Manhattan

And know that you can reach her

Go and build the life you'd like to happen

And if not - know you can return

Peruse through the portico

And I'll wait right here

I can tell you're in wonder and excited my dear

As the crowds of people wind

Under the gateway built so high

Every lucky lad

Has come to depend

On visiting the island

For the weekend

I can still hear the joyous sound

Of the travelers bustling around


I never live to see all that I want to

Last stops are a pity coming too soon

I stand in awe of every final detail

And I hope that I pleased my friends

We all want to add some beauty to this world

And we can with some helping hands

Over It (Poet Oscar Wilde Forgives Dracula's Bram Stoker for Stealing His Miss at His Mom's Book Club)

How do you keep it all contained

While wandering this way

Bearing the weight of days

Behind us

Behind us

That year the web was spun

Two lives to be as one

All of our plans were done

Then you'd come

Then you'd come in

You're a story I don't understand

And so I tell it to myself again

Nothing new to find gent

Pine over the time spent


Years went by and now you're about to knock

You took the dame as just an afterthought

Now to come and visit is what you want

And now that I'm over it

I fear you're not

Oh, the old schoolboy curse -

All needing to be first

In a room full of amateurs

There we were

There we were

Boys of the Irish songs

One to be the Oxford don

One to win the debutante

And it hurt

And it hurt

Bram - You're a story I don't understand

And so I tell it to myself again

One read was all it took

To spot me in your dark book


I'm glad you came to find me

The trial was a decadent sham

Don't let those days define me

They are over and done with my friend

They are over and done with my friend


Good For You (The Ailing Ed Dismuke Ditches Castor Oil for a Trip to Mineral Wells, TX)

When I got sick

It was the end of me

And they said, "There is no hope for you."

The doctor thought there'd be no remedy

And I said, "You know what I want to do?

What I want to do is travel around and try whatever I have to."

One more day

Let me get some sun here

One more night

'Cause I'm having fun here

One more day

To sit and wonder

One more night

Like when I was younger

Came news of the family

Who lived near the springs

and suddenly was all healthy

I heard of a lady who did the same thing

and I wondered, "Will it work for me?

Will it work for me?

I'll give it a try even if it looks crazy."

One more day

Let me get some sun here

One more night

'Cause I'm having fun here

One more day

To sit and wonder

One more night

Like when I was younger

It's a change of scenery

Good for you!

We should bottle this spring

Good for you!

We could start a company

Good for you!

I don't really think about death anymore

And when I do I keep it to myself

Occasionally people stop me and say

What did you do for your health?

For your health - get some friends

And go straight down to Mineral Wells

One more day

'Cause you're getting sun here

One more night

'Cause you're having fun here

One more swallow

To sit and wonder

One more bottle

You're looking younger

Giving Up All the Way (Engineer John Wallace on Why He'll Gladly Hand Over Construction of the Panama Canal to John Stevens)

I have no business doing this

I have no prospects keeping me

Workers are waiting

The morale is sinking

Why can't it be level with the sea?

Me? I'm giving up all the way


I see my best bet's

Don't add to the mess

Don't expect to be following leads

I've seen the fever

I've seen the hunger

I've seen them question my salary

Me? I'm giving up all the way



Tell him I wish him the best

That he can have it

Tell him that I'm glad he'll take my place

Tell him a turn of events is about to happen

Tell him I'm heading back to the states

I did all of this for a grand challenge

It sure wasn't for glory

Set it all aside

Pack up the supplies

Find out why there's other places to be


Social Dynamite (An Insider's Look at the High Society Bank Heist of 1878)

Slowly he walks in like everything's alright

Softly it's spoken like social dynamite in the hole

"Nothing with you ever was simple"

Here's an open door to the bank with a vault

He's been there before but says he can't recall it all

I know what I heard and what I saw

Oh, how like me to read him

Try and see both sides

Oh, how like him to reason

Something's wrong with mine

Here's an open book

Literal to a fault

I should pretend to having no recollection at all


Oh, how like me to try

Throw rocks at the beehive

Oh, how like him to deny

One hit the bull's-eye

I could lie but don't know how

I have tried to cross me out

Won't you cross me out?

An Invitation to Fly (Therese Peltier - Suspected First Female Passenger - Abandons Flight After Her Co-Pilot Passes in Fatal Crash)

Once he lifted me like falling leaves

Easy as a breeze in the street

I'd always ride by his side

Never thought to ever say goodbye

"Once you've been there, you can never go back

Once you've seen it, you can never forget"

I recall his invitation to fly

"Come to forfeit your mind for a moment

Come to forget yourself on the ascent"

I recall our place in the sky

They say the cage was torn away

His solo flight, a fatal glide, that day

These papers speak of bravery

On the day we made history

"Try to stand up tall"

That is what they all say

"Hold your head up so

We can take photos today"

"Once you've been there you can never go back

Once you've seen it you can never forget"

I recall his invitation to fly

"Come to forfeit your mind for a moment

Come to forget yourself on the ascent"

I recall our place in the sky

Protecting the Louisiana Bragger's Button (Emily Randolf Stands Between Union Guns and Her Plantation Mansion)

From the vast and grand veranda I have seen your riverboats

From the bedroom window I've felt your guns echo

One night outside of the parlor someone whispered, "Burn it down."

That's not what you really want son

You want to look around


So come on in

Don't burn

Come on

Come on into my home

While my daughters are inside

Let's talk right here on the porch

My sons are off in a war their father did not support

Ever since the country parted

I was left protecting this

But he will be back again soon

Back from Texas


Do you know of any company

Warmth and laughter cannot please

Come know me - the professed enemy

Take time to adore the shade trees

And browse behind the main house

Have you heard this bell for rising and for settling down

Here in this opulent white room, we all just might have a ball

And I spend most of my time in the Ancestral Hall

Who Are You? (The Girl of a Thousand Faces: Commentary Concerning Mystery and Predictability in Silent Films)

"You've all been swell

Here, everything is yours

Tell them I'm tired and I'm ill"

The final note of the Biograph Girl

The first to be well known in films

"Angel of the Studio"

"The Broken Oath"


"The Honor of the Humble"

"The Romance in Pond Cove"

And "Diplomatic Flo"

"Among the Roses"

But who are you, who?

Her mother was a vaudeville performer

Her father was a carriage builder

She swore she'd never lead a gypsy life

Her birthdate's wrong 'cause of a coroner

"The Irony of Fate"

"Macbeth" and "The Mistake"

"The Time Lock Safe"

"A Girl and Her Money"

"The Pawns of Destiny"

"Behind the Scenes"

But who are you, who?

She took her small fortune and did as she pleased

No name yet on the marquee

She was fired and she switched companies

They faked her death in the street

"A Game of Deception"

"A Rebellious Blossom"

"Flo's Discipline"

"Her Artistic Temperament"

"The Test of Friendship"

"An Awful Moment"

But who are you, who?

Laying Low (Even When it Goes Well, it Goes Bad for Outlaw Rose Dunn as Her Bounty Hunting Brothers Kill Her Lover)

We have no way of knowing

How good it could've been

With a different plan

You taught me most of what I know

How to ride, shoot, and rope

And help the gang reload

Slowly caressed to your doom

I let myself out of the room

My only advantage

Is I no longer mind what happens

Laying low after the clearing smoke

Alone, leaving the life I know

I had no way of knowing my brother's intentions

I didn't give your hide out to him

Together we're forever linked up

But brother's a chord I can't cut even when I must

I smile in my free time

I try to keep the kids in line

Occasionally I think back

How did we end up in the middle like that

Laying low after the final blow

Alone, leaving the life I know

Cleaning House (A Day in the Life of Backyard Beauty Josephine Cochrane)

Why did my bright smile make him cry

When it worked I thought, "I'm keeping mine.

I have a cup in my hand, and I know where its going."

Out. I'm trying to clean house

I found something I'll do without

Why all of this looking down

At me with a frown

I used to think

We're like a machine

How hard could it be

I used to see

Living as working

What more could one need

Say whatever it is you need to say

But maybe phrase it a different way

I tried making all the cold calls

and contacting periodicals


I used to think

We're like a machine

How hard could it be

I used to see

Living as working

What more could one need

But I never could tell when the fellow was kidding

Was he trying to help things along

I spent nights in the backyard cringing

How could this go so wrong

Then I made a mechanic friend

We finished the invention

We traveled to the World's Fair

But could not find that chap there

They juggled plates in the air

I didn't care to meet the hula dancers

Couples wed near the first Ferris wheel

And I thought, "What a deal!"

Pathological Saint (Last Spotted Apologizing to One of the First - and Last - Rude and Unruly Boy Operators)

You speak of deeds

I've never told you

You mention things I've said

Are you listening in

On trite conversations

Please heed my request

When I last saw you in the town square

I pretended to not be there

And then I apologized

For telling you you're recognized

And then you dived into the rain

Down cobblestones and past the train

I'm not sure of your motives

What's a young sir gain from this

You heard something

Something you shouldn't

Can we start again

I'm new at this

In a town full of mischief

Can you please forget

In every assertion lies its doubt

The more you press on

The more you're keeping out

What you say and what you mean

Will they ever be the same thing

We'll be in and out of touch

What you're running from is bound to catch up

Here I'll spell what some shout

Can you tell what it's about

Now my sea's churning underneath

The souvenirs might wash up on your beach

and Boston is small for all you know about me

Stranger things have come around my door

Good thing I don't live there anymore

I dodge you with dignity

And when it brings out the worst in me

Off the Trail (Herman Wolfe's Advice on How to Survive the Baddest Burg in the West - Canyon Diablo, AZ)

The ring around the moon

Means it may rain soon

And don't plan on the railroad bridge for crossing

A town born overnight

Has no law in sight

And it's a drifter's paradise for jostling

See those mountains

See the horizon

I'd rather be lost than trapped

and know where I am at to stay


Clashes are happening daily

So you had better keep to yourself

Scamp and then go as you please

When you're living off the trail

Pick your friends like a lock

Don't let foes rob your thoughts

And find someone in the town to rely on

Carve your name in the rocks

Bury each coin you've got

And know people dwell in the cliffs and canyon

Ruts run deep here

Banks are steep here

So back up before you leap

and don't ever drag your feet half way


Cover me

Cover me now

Cover me

Cover me now

War Letters ("Writing is an Indication of Character!" Declares an Unknown Soldier from the 11th New York Battery to a Lady He Fancies)

Lending life some animation, I appreciate your letter for it is an indication of one's character - the harmless pleasures of your endeavors to bring me to laughter.  Now to comply with your first request I write to you soon, the given's a description of my state to you. We don't often get news, but I have heard of brides and I have heard of grooms.  Patiently see, I'll be worthy of your modesty and affection. Quite rarely am I sharing. Still, it's appearing in our correspondence your indications are grander than fiction. Write soon.

The Orphan Train (250,000 Orphans Were Taken From Eastern Industrialized Cities and Shipped West Between 1853 and 1929)

Levi's up to no good

Practicing his stories

Clyde has a song and dance

He says there's hope for me

This time tomorrow I will be fine

This time tonight I'll cry

Folks are watching this orphan train go by

Guy took my window seat

It takes strength to be kind

I clock him in tunnels

Listening to the steel grind

It's good to feel something bad now and then

It's good to try again

Folks are coming to choose an orphan

Edwin lost his suitcase

Byron does not sleep well

No one can guess May's age

I look after myself

Everything dear to me, left behind

Everything here, a surprise

Folks are waiting for this train to arrive

Hats Off (To Ellery Channing, Who Not-So-Famously Told Henry David Thoreau, "I See Nothing For You On This Earth...Go...Build Yourself a Hut.")

The cronies thank me for what I don't have

I'm like you and I'm a part of all I've met

You say "the world is turned around by belief"

You say to "live the life you have dreamed"


Hats off to the ones who sell the art of living well

And sought out the ones who dwell in themselves

Go into the woods near Concord

You will learn a lot there I'm sure

It's certainly not the life that most would choose

But you have to do whatever you have to

Go and build yourself a little hideaway

Go and give yourself weeks to roam


The world may talk about necessity

The world may not understand your routines

You say the "heart is forever inexperienced"

And "the universe is wider than our views of it"

Who will be there once you can hear yourself

Who will be there to stay

Not All Dreams Think Alike (Nikola Tesla on Thomas Edison in the New York Times.  Consider This Grudge The Next Time You Flip a Switch)

Did I strike him as odd

Yet perfect for the job

Eccentric in all my concerns

He scorned my rich inner world

Until my respect unfurled

And to myself I returned


He had the whole world by his side

And he still needed to lie

He has ideas that are mine

Not all dreams think alike

Such a pompous declarant

Would cause any decent man

To turn around and run for the hills

Being a foreigner and several years younger

The haughtiness disgusts me still


I'm not a "yes man"

See future decisions and other worldly visions

I'm not his "best man"

See me switching circuits

It's the war of the currents

His publicity stunts

Are crass exaggerations

Becoming his best talent

Should I act impervious

To ploys so obvious

It's like hubris incarnate


Can't Erase Her (Irene Langhorne Poses for Her Husband as the First Gibson Girl in 1890.  They Have Everything You Never Knew You Wanted, Including Umbrella Stands and Perfume With Claws)

All those gracious complications

Now my body's shaking

He's been making observations

And now he's retracing


Ever showing up, you know you can't erase her

Get me close enough, now every place you take her

Careful you don't get me wrong

I've been standing here so long

She's at the station, on vacation

Choosing destinations

A sensation 'cross the nation

If you've paid attention


We can see it in your eyes

Every time one of us walks by

Here we are and here we'll stay awhile

Whatever we do, we do it in style


I'm being hung and I'm being framed

Can you see me any other way

Here we are and here we'll stay awhile

Whatever we do, we do it in style

Gold (California's First Millionaire - Samuel Brannan - Did Not Find Gold, but He Sure Had a Monopoly on Picks, Pans, and Shovels)

Get a first step in the right direction

Beat the rumor to the rumor den

Be the first with a collection

Of gold flakes from Sutter's land

And if you are working now - work harder!

It's everywhere and nowhere specific

In valleys and across streambeds

Be the first to the Pacific

Mount your stallion and purebreds

And if you are working now - work harder!


What's that doubt ever done for you?

Here high rollers get ahead

Go out in all kinds of weather

Shake it free before they dredge

And if you are digging now - dig deeper!

Let's enjoy freedom from trying

I'll help you pick out a pick and pan

In the future we'll ride trolleys

Where the tent cities now stand

And if you are digging now - dig deeper!


In the shade of my own tree

See them coming and going

Who's the one that's laughing now

Who knows what the jokes about


Killer Story (Her Name is Good Christian Katie Cook - and if You are Tom - She is Going to Hurt You)

It's hard to explain what we do sometimes

Nobody had any plans that night

The door was left open

Dawn was approaching

Then I saw the smoke in a flash of light

Baby, why don't you take it outside?

My conscience tells me something's not right

Lately, I hope you know that I tried

Maybe if I wasn't so uptight

It's hard to explain what we do sometimes

Nobody had any plans that night

I turned and I missed it

Life changed in an instant

Anyone who witnessed only sighed

Maybe some like to think it's a crime

But the state of California declined

And the Orange County police turned a blind eye

'Cause they heard the same voices in their mind

It's hard to explain what we do sometimes

Nobody had any plans that night

The marshal heard something

Found out it was him

Then turned out the lantern and said

"Good night. Nobody cares...

So we're leaving him there"

Build Again (The Editor of The Mitchell Republican on Life After Prairie Wars and Prairie Fires)

The neighbors are gone

Couldn't find a sign of anyone

To the west it's just a hazy sun

From fires burning all week long

In the ravine

Ride on, ride on

They'll set fire to the stables

Hide son, hide son

Only bring what you're able

Nobody knows how far these wounded men will go

Did they set it to stir game or show

The intruders that know no home

Speak in flames

I've come, I've come

My shadow's showing us

The night's young, the night's young

Down river there's someone

We survived a night in the camp

We can build again and again

Morning has arrived

Come on back to life

Come on back to life

Love in the Gilded Age (June 22nd, 1894 - The Houdinis Tie the Knot After A Few Days of Courting)

You saw the cabaret

At the Sea Beach Palace place

In the Coney Island days

My locked box took the stage

Soon your brother was replaced

And the magic changed to great escapes


Who did I remind you of

that you felt light as a dove

Who did I remind you of

Was I someone from the past

I don't think we've ever met

But we're sure tying this up fast

Our home away from home

With the tycoons and the tight ropes

Our kiss at the London show

Or hanging from a crane

Near the New York Subway

And the East River crates

You escaped


No love, the world can not hold us

First to fly down under

Looking up forever